Friday, June 8, 2007

Nigerian Embassy

Bill Clinton came to Nigeria for an official visit, while here, he was discussing with Obasanjo one day on a balcony at ASO Rock.

Suddenly, NEPA took light all over Abuja. Bill Clinton was annoyed: he turned to Obasanjo and said: I thought you people were making progress in this country, how come you still have power cuts? This is a big disgrace!"Obasanjo was ashamed and angry, but couldn't say anything. He just kept fuming throughout the rest of the conference.

Six months later, Obasanjo went to Washington to see Clinton. After their discussion, they went to the White House balcony to have some drinks and discuss in a relaxed manner. While they where there, Obasanjo looked around the City [It was night] and was surprised to see an area that was dark: there was a power cut in that part of town. Obasanjo was happy!

He shouted to Bill Clinton: "You came to my country and insulted me on our power system, see your own now? You people also have electricity shortage here in Washington! Shame on you!"Obasanjo was very happy!

Then Bill Clinton frowned, looked at the area very well, and called one aide to ask him where that area was. The aide whispered in Clinton’s ear, and Clinton burst into laughter.

He was laughing so hard that he began to roll on the ground, with tears coming out of his eyes.Obasanjo was puzzled, he asked Clinton: "Are you okay?" Clinton finally managed to stand up and pointed to the dark area and said, between heavy laughter:

"That's the Nigerian Embassy!"