Friday, June 29, 2007

10 Commandments of Improvement

Below are very simple but powerful Commandments of Improvement. Think on these these things in adding value to yourself or organisation.Sure they would help and you would learn a thing or two.

1 Abandon fixed ideas
2 Think of ways to make it possible
3 No excuses needed
4 Go for the simple solution, not the perfect one
5 Correct mistakes right away
6 Use your wits, not your wallet
7 See problems as opportunities
8 Repeat ‘why?’ five times
9 Seek ideas from many people
10 There is no end to improvement

Take care and have a lovely weekend!



Refinedone said...

Nice....Pray tell,I dont get number 8#

Izz said...

I like this entry. Inspiring. How did you hear about izzonline?