Tuesday, August 19, 2008

7 laws of prosperity

Thou shalt keep the covenant you have made with the Lord, your God.

Thou shalt not forget your covenant during bad times:
Disobedience will result in a loss of prosperity

Thou shalt always seek God,
study the Word to develop strength and wisdom.

Thou shalt not be envious of those who are prosperous.

Thou shalt be fair and honest, with God and with man:
fair (generous) with money, honest in word and deed.

Thou shalt believe God, and have faith:
God wants you to prosper, so you can help others to prosper.

Thou shalt never forget the source of prosperity:
the power to prosper is a gift from God.


Anonymous said...

Good verses. Have you taken them from bible? I don't know much as i am a Hindu. but i love to write about self development. I look forward to your next post

Freelance said...

Yes i have taken them from the bible. I am so happy you appreciate it. The Bible is the greatest book on earth try and read it.

Take care