Sunday, November 11, 2007


Hear ye the word of the Lord: This month you shall celebrate your victory. Get set!
There shall be series of open doors for you.
The Lord shall give you glorious testimonies.
You shall testify in Jesus name. I call it scarce testimony.
This month, you shall receive favor from on High. Though men laugh at you in times past, this month they will laugh with you. The Lord shall make you a celebrity.
Men shall celebrate you. I see the Lord changing your position for good. Yes! Your dream shall come to fulfillment this month. There shall not be delay.
Rules shall be broken for you. There shall be a mighty manifestation of God's fullness upon your life. God says I should tell someone; don't be scared of that threat.
It shall not stand. The Lord shall protect you. This is a specific word for you; this is your SEASON OF PRAISE! No matter what you are going through, the Lord says I should tell you to praise Him. For this is your secret to getting that breakthrough.
"Don't complain" saith God, "Praise me in that circumstance that you are going through and I shall give you victory over it".
Activate the key of praising God in your life and watch the difference. In conclusion hear this; God is set to lift you up this month.
Don't depend on man. Trust solely on God. Give Him your all. He cares so much about you.
As you have read this post, so shall men read about your exploit and testimonies in Jesus name. You shall experience success in your exams, marriage, job interview and personal ambition.
This and many more I pray to happen in your life this month in Jesus name. Amen.
Have a glorious month.

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