Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Give thanks always

A certain man died and went to heaven. He was granted a chance to go round God's premises and below was his observation as the angel Gabriel took him around.

They entered the first department, a very big hall where so many angels (in their millions) were busy sorting letters. The man was surprised and asked in amusement, "what are they doing?"

Gabriel answered, "they are sorting letters of prayer requests according totheir categories, for people who are sick, seeking jobs, need deliverance etc for God's intervention." They moved on to the next department where they saw almost the same set-up but this time the angels were packing letters into boxes and sealing them.

Again the man asked what they were doing and Gabrielanswered, "they are sealing God's letters in reply to the request made by people on earth for good health, jobs, children, success etc."Lastly, they went to the last department where they saw only one man sitting and dozing, with nothing much to do.

This time the man was perplexed and asked slowly, "why is this man sitting here?"Gabriel turned and looked at the man, "this department is not at all busy,he is supposed to be receiving "thanks giving" from people on earth whowould have received their replies of blessings from God but none seems toremember where the blessings came from that's why this department has only one man to take care of all the duties, and he is never busy thus you see him dozing.

"The man's heart was moved, tears dropped from his eyes and he wished he could go back on earth to inform his brothers and sisters of what he saw.

* What did God do to you?
* How many answers have you received?
* How many obstacles have you overcome?
* How many wars did you find yourself a victor?
* Did you give thanks to the Lord?

Today you are alive, strong and healthy, you have a good job - did you thankGod??? If you want God to keep on answering to your requests, try giving thanks in any form each time you receive His blessings.

Read MALACHI 3 V 8 & 10, PSALMS 121 V 1-2.

Give thanks all the time. It pays to have a grateful heart

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